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Dołączył: 26 Maj 2022
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Wysłany: Czw 26 Maj, 2022 13:36   Working with ODARED CHILDREN.

We recommend the following ways of stimulating creative activity:
- Benevolence, providing a favorable atmosphere.
- Enriching the child's environment with a variety of new objects and stimuli to develop his or her curiosity.
- Encouraging the expression of original ideas.
- Providing opportunities for exercise and practice. Extensive use of and divergent thinking type questions (quickness, flexibility, originality and accuracy) in relation to a wide variety of areas (example: "Name a variety of options...").
- Using a personal example of creative problem solving.
- Allowing children to actively ask questions. The project and the model suggest the following techniques for activating divergent thinking in the course of studying individual disciplines (types of questions). Science. Talk about all possible uses of water. Try to name the maximum number of subjects that run on electricity. Mathematics. Talk about possible classifications and a specific set of objects (e.g., by shape, color, size, edibility, inedibility...). Try to name objects that exist in pairs. Language. Give a description of the appearance of the most fantastic space alien you can imagine. Music. Try to extract a variety of sounds from an available musical instrument. Artistic Creativity. Make the same object under different conditions. Build a house for an imaginary creature from available material. Create a new kind of bird from scraps of different materials. Social Orientation. Name all the people who help us travel, protect us from disease, provide everything we need in our lives, and build us homes. Name possible uses for empty boxes, paper and plastic bags, pencil shavings, and pieces of colored crayons. All of the preceding applies to teaching the gifted in a special school or special class. Our own long-term experience shows the reality and high efficiency of the following pedagogical methods of work with gifted children: - use of authoring programs on the courses of the Basis curriculum, taking into account the real index of intelligence of students and features of their psyche; - methods of mutual learning; - methods of educational and research work; - introduction of elective courses and elective courses at the expense of the school component of the Basis curriculum.

How to identify a child's giftedness.
How the diagnostics of the student's knowledge is carried out.
How to develop creative abilities in a student.
The statistics of gifted children in the world.



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