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Odpowiedz do tematu I left this for me, so this will not fit to many others.
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Dołączył: 16 Gru 2020
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Wysłany: Sro 16 Gru, 2020 06:52   I left this for me, so this will not fit to many others.

Yaks are excellent Range Xp, when you have done the Quest to reach them and feel great with losing money. A good alternate is Fire Giants which is what I used from 55-70 and it took 3 times (playing about 4 hours daily, so 12 hours, while still at Yaks it would take 6 hours or so). The great thing is, you can make a profit at Fire Giants because of their Rune drops. I used the ones behind the Waterfall (Can Waterfall Quest) since you can Safe them. Any installation involving Knifes that your Range Attack will be low. And I just use Knifes on my Pure. Unless you have came into a great deal of RS gold cash or previously have items such as: Robin, Fury, Ranger Boots, Archer Ring, Barrows Gloves, Zammy Godbook (1m to meet today ), etc this is about as good as it gets, sorry. Hope it helps. If you decide not to utilize Yaks, then I can come and keep you company on my own Pure if you prefer, 75 Range FTW! Add me: k0_rang4.

If you haven't noticed their is a great deal of pure/tank/new folks now!I can not go someplace without seeing this one type pure/tank! I know this might not be big new's to a but I really wanted to ask: exactly what do you consider it? More people searching for more money mean's they merchant and your losing money because they take more item's, you're losing training spot's because of more people arriving: pures can even solo things GWD you lossing money/training place or money monster's.

I am not just talking about pure's, and thus don't think I am ranting on them since I'm not. The rest Below is my previous article for my Slayer Tank I am re-writing all of it no anxiety. And now I want to talk about something I may have made or simply said something everyone know is already. Nah I am for sure know one has done this! This really is a Tank for me (is a pure) you basically get magic dart and use this everywhere I believe I will make my main accounts into this anyways you utilize slayer dart for everything so this account is for slayer! (you may be able to use this in PvP but I truly don't think so and you can cross out any battle at all really).

I left this for me, so this will not fit to many others. unsure. In addition, I think you need to include summoning in there and 70+ shield, this will provide the account the ability to likely kill thing's faster and this being a Tank and all. Stat's because of (from what I presume ) Summoning (any level or none whatsoever ). Sorry if you have no clue what I am talking about.Question's -that I need more like suggestions on cheap RuneScape gold how I can add or take off things for the tank in addition to a awesome name since I do not think the title: Magic dart tank would be the best every account type title. (notice this is not a player name it is a title for the account type).



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