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Odpowiedz do tematu FIFA 22has been created with a new motion capture technology
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Wysłany: Pią 16 Lip, 2021 05:08   FIFA 22has been created with a new motion capture technology

The release is set for October 1 and the details for now are still few, but enough to make a summary and try to understand in this preview of FIFA 22 what to expect on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and Stadia.

Football fans who are also part of the gaming community wait for a release every year. And soon it will be at the door. With FIFA 22, the current part of the long-term simulation series will appear in 2021. You already have the chance to secure FIFA 22 for yourself. Those who pre-order not only get the title in time for the launch, but can also look forward to some in-game bonuses.

The new game has been created with a new motion capture technology, which means 4,000 new animations will be included in FIFA 22, making it more detailed and realistic than ever before, as promised. Next-gen innovations can therefore be waived by PCs, and the restriction described above also had a very rough first-reading effect. Fortunately, however, the publisher is not so hairy in this regard, and they apologized for correcting their earlier statements.

For FIFA 22 the main one is that of HyperMotion Technology, to which EA Sports has dedicated the reveal trailer of the game that you can see above. From the video and the few notes made available to us, we can understand that it is a system closely linked to the Xsens suits, produced by the company of the same name and used since FIFA 16 to capture the movements of Leo Messi. . For FIFA 22 the number of players involved has obviously grown, recording the behavior on the pitch of stars such as Kylian Mbappé, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Christian Pulisic, David Alaba, Eden Hazard, Marquinhos, Marcelo, Heung-min Son, Vinicius Junior , Phil Foden and others.

Regardless, the PC medium can still feel like stepchildren because the developers care noticeably much less about this version than the console ports. Which is basically understandable, as far more people buy the game for PS and Xbox than for computers.

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