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Dołączył: 06 Sie 2020
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Wysłany: Czw 06 Sie, 2020 04:11   nike air max 1 dna ch.1 pack

nike sneakers mens black Simply put, the Men's Nike Air Max 1 is one of the most iconic sneakers of all time, and certainly also one of the most historic in Nike’s catalog. First released in 1987 as a performance running shoe, the Air Max 1 was designed by legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield and was the first sneaker ever to feature a visible window to expose the Air cushioning within the midsole. The shoe with “maximum Air” was an instant classic, loved in 1987 for its bold look and amazing comfort.

nike sneakers womens pink As Nike’s running technology progressed, the Air Max 1 became obsolete as a performance running shoe, but its status as a casual favorite seems to increase with each passing year. Released in a countless number of colorways, materials, remodels, and reconstructions throughout the years, the Air Max 1 ranks with the most popular sneakers for men, women, and kids across the globe. Truly, no sneaker collection is complete without a pair.If you’re looking for a sneaker with all-day comfort and classic style, you need to look no further than the Air Max 1.

nike air max sneakers white The Swoosh brand commemorates the joyous occasion with a momentous re-release of the iconic Nike Air Max 1 “Anniversary” in the OG Sport Red-accented colorway (as well as the Sport Royal version) with the stead approach of Air Max Day 2017. This retro remains true to form in regards the silhouette’s shape and details. That includes the Sport Red hue that covers the suede mudguard and Swoosh, along with the Nike branding on the heel and tongue. The pop of color is balanced by grey suede and white mesh paneling throughout the rest of the shoe.

nike air max 1 dna ch.1 pack The Nike Air Max 1 “Windbreaker” pays homage to vintage Nike apparel, specifically highlighting the brand’s colorful outerwear of yesteryear. Taking the universally adored Tinker Hatfield-designed model and dousing it in dynamic hues, the ‘80s runner colored up in a nod to the ‘90s. Featuring a black nylon base, leather overlays include purple, gold, and teal. A red Swoosh overlaps a gold trim for a dual-layered effect. True to classic windbreaker form, a “Sportswear” tab peeks out on the midsole. A multi-colored tongue features an exclusive hangtag. White rope laces similar to the drawstrings on windbreaker jackets replace standard issue laces.



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