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Dołączył: 12 Sty 2016
Posty: 4

Wysłany: Wto 12 Sty, 2016 19:36   egzamin opiekunka środowiskowa 2016

czy wiecie coś na ten temat testy mam 14 a wy kiedy, praktykę 26 stycznia



Dołączyła: 23 Maj 2016
Posty: 3
Skąd: Sanok

Wysłany: Sro 08 Cze, 2016 15:03   witam

witam czy wiadomo juz cos bd na egzaminie praktycznym czeriwec 2016???



Dołączyła: 14 Cze 2016
Posty: 1

Wysłany: Pią 17 Cze, 2016 20:22   

Witajcie,czy ma ktoś informacje o zadaniach praktycznych na opiekunkę środowiskową? Ja zdaję 19 czerwca i boję się bardzo. Gdyby ktoś kto miał wcześniej dał informacje na co się nastawiać byłabym wdzięczna bardzo


Dołączyła: 09 Cze 2015
Posty: 1
Skąd: Włocławek

  Wysłany: Sob 18 Cze, 2016 17:57   opiekunka srodowiskowa 2016

Dziś miałam egzamin zawodowy, trafiła nam się zmiana poszwy i podkładów na praktycznym, na pisemny do rozpisania problemy i potrzeby oraz DZIAŁANIA I METODY PRACY oraz SRODKI I NARZEDZIA PRACY. jak daliscie sobie rade wczoraj? Ja nie zdalam, dajcie znacc chetnie sie dowiem jak poszlo innym. :) powodzenia ! :-> :-/ :-? :lol:


Dołączyła: 22 Maj 2016
Posty: 1
Skąd: Gdańsk

Wysłany: Pon 27 Cze, 2016 19:24   

staszek36, cześć mam małe pytanko jak ci poszło na egzaminie i co było ja mam praktyczny z opiekunki środowiskowej 29 -06 w środę i bardzo się boję :oops:

[ Dodano: Pon 27 Cze, 2016 19:26 ]
GosiaKo, staszek36, cześć mam małe pytanko jak ci poszło na egzaminie i co było ja mam praktyczny z opiekunki środowiskowej 29 -06 w środę i bardzo się boję :oops:


Imiê: Ciekawa
Typ szko³y: fajny
Profil szko³y: ciekawy
Do³±czy³: dawno
Posty: 99
Sk±d: daleko


Testy teoretyczne CZERWIEC 2014 z rozwi±zaniami s± na stronie - sprawdz swój wynik egzaminu

Arkusze praktyczne i przyk³adowe rozwi±zania zadañ s± na stronie



Dołączyła: 15 Sty 2013
Posty: 1

  Wysłany: Pon 21 Sty, 2019 19:46   

Piszę poprawkę w piątek, będzie coś z myciem. Jak myślicie co może być, wiem żena pewno nie będzie włosów. Mam problem też z opisówką. Ma ktoś dobry wzór na plan działania opiekunki?
a MOŻE JUŻ KTOŚ JEST PO poprawce. Będę wdzięczna za odzew


Dołączył: 01 Lis 2022
Posty: 810

Wysłany: Sob 26 Lis, 2022 10:19   

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[ Dodano: Wto 29 Lis, 2022 10:38 ]
How Do You Use Tibetan Prayer Beads. What Are Malas And How Do They Function?
Mala is the first Sanskrit term for prayer beads used for counting mantra or recitations. The mala can be used in Tibetan Buddhist communities around the world, and is either tucked around the wrists or hanging from the fingers. They are usually coupled with the humming of mantras, such as om mani padme, om tuttare and ture, or om mun maha-muniye. They are referred to as trengwa when they are Tibetan. Because a major element of Tibetan Buddhist practice is repeating (mentally or in loud voice) certain mantras thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of times, it is useful to use your rosary to count the number of times you pray, as a kind of spiritual abacus. Even if you're not counting, the repeated mantra beads-by-bead in the mala is a great way to quiet and concentrate the mind. The string is composed of 108 beads composed of semi-precious or precious stones, wood, seeds, bone, or wood is the most commonly used type. It is believed that you have completed 100 mantras time you move around the mala. The eight additional beads are designed to be "spare" to be used in the event you do make mistakes or miss count on the way. A head bead may also be found, which is larger than all the others and is often called "guru bead". It is used as the starting point of the circuit and is not part of the total of 108. Sometimes, malas include additional precious stones added at different intervals, for example, coral or turquoise for instance. These precious stones could be added at intervals you are able to count, like after 27 beads you know you are 1/4 complete in the circuit. These counter beads are added, so your total number of beads would be 111, not 108. Another smaller mala is suitable for wrist use, with 27 beads. It is utilized to make prostrations. In this scenario, the smaller size is wrapped around your wrist and repeated 4 times. There are other ways to make the same configuration such as 22 or 21, for example however that's not a problem as long as you have your mala for counting.

Types of Malas
There are numerous types of malas to pick from, such as ivory and bone or sandalwood, lazis liii or crystal. There are a myriad of theories that explain which mala is appropriate for which kind of prayer. However, we don’t think it is important which kind you use. We believe that Tibetans generally don't make large distinctions between the kinds and use of malas. Monks and nuns usually prefer simple, cheap malas such as wooden malas. Any mala can be used. It is best not to think about the appearance or value of your mala but rather focus concentrate on the spiritual practice of prayer and reciting mantras. Have a look at the recommended Tibetan Bracelet for more.

How To Hold And Count Using Your Malas
We'd like to point out that, as is the case in Tibetan culture, that there are no strict rules when it comes to malas and the way to determine your mantras. Everyone is different. While there are many ways to do it however, it is as much as how you pray and what your intentions are. If you are praying with your center and using the mala, then you are doing the right job! While some sources suggest using the mala in your left hand, some Tibetans also use them with the right hand. It is common to have your mala on one hand, and your prayer wheel in the other. When using your mala, start with the first bead, which is next to the "guru" bead. The mala should be placed between your thumb (or your index finger) and place it in the middle. Repeat the mantra silently or loudly. Then, you can move to the next bead , and repeat your mantra a second time. Once you reach the guru's bead once more, you've completed 100 mantras without needing to count each one. At this point, most Tibetans do not pass over the guru's bead, and instead reverse the direction by turning the mala around and starting a new circuit of 100, going back the way they came. In truth, we don't know what the reason is. It's more of a habit than anything else.

Caring for your Mala
Your mala will grow more spiritually significant when you make use of it to recite mantras, carry it to classes, and then have it blessed, perhaps by your spiritual guru. Although it's not holy by itself, we still give it respect. This means that you would not set it on the ground, set ordinary objects on top of or throw it. When not using their malas, Tibetans wrap them around their wrists or hang them from their necks. (Although it is important to note that they're not worn as a necklace, but as a decoration, or for self-promotion, as a way of proving that one is spiritual.) When you don't need the pendant for a while or are asleep, for example you could put it up in a tidy, highish place, maybe close to your altar. It's kept on a special shelf under our altar. It is entirely up to you to treat it with love and affection and keep a sensible non-extremist, non-confrontational attitude.

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Imię: Ciekawa
Typ szkoły: fajny
Profil szkoły: ciekawy
Dołączył: dawno
Posty: 99
Skąd: daleko

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