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Dołączył: 24 Gru 2020
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Wysłany: Czw 24 Gru, 2020 08:43   The moment you throw the Madden 21 coins

This guy is the reality! Took me throughout the whole process and made sure I feel safe.

Legit seller. Dealt with Mut 21 coins him over double by now and he utilizes safe methods to sell. Would definitely recommend!Just purchased off some coins him very excellent deals fast and dependable will be back to get more 10/10 service.

He'd his ing thing. It's untrue as legit might be forreal. No worries here. Get ya coins boys.Made several trades with him and would highly recommend! Best madden coin seller out there!!

Most Beloved dude. Bought 1M out of him tonight I moved smooth and effortless. Highly recommend!Just bought 600k. Legit seller super easy procedure. I'll be buying again for sure.This dude is legit and also the ideal coin seller I've found. I highly recommend him.

I believe the same man. Its come to a stage when I will only play offense just for the vast majority of my franchise. Just got tired of having ing torched regardless of who I was playing and what scheme/defense I had been using.

The moment you throw the buy Madden 21 coins ball every defender, even though they can't see it, will immediately break their zone or man coverage and beeline for your receiver. Couple nights ago I was fortunate to become oddly"focused" with the match and it made me really notice how unnaturally the CPU defenders can react simultaneously and instantly.

They are omnipotent I know just what your saying. I've had so many different QB franchise style runs that I have seen literally every AI tweak. Lmao I know all of the AI tricks So as soon as the ball leaves your hand they know where it is going and it is accurate trajectory.



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